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010: Teeny Tuesday 5

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Word Count: 26, Mean Word Length: 4.69

The fun thing about rules? Breaking them. This week's Teeny Tuesday breaks one of my self-imposed rules I made for this group of crosswords, not exceeding 9x9 in size. Last week, I nudged that a little and made an 8x10 puzzle which technically did have less squares than a 9x9. Well, I decided to throw the size limit completely out the window this week by making this crossword 15 squares wide! There's only 26 words in the puzzle, so I don't expect this to take much longer than usual to solve.

So what's in the crossword? It should come as no surprise that 16-Across, my 15 letter answer is the seed for this puzzle. Once that was in place, I focused on the 8 letter answers at 11-Across and 20-Across. Overall, I'm happy with this fill and this puzzle came together quite easily.

Seed Word: 16A

Music Word: 14A

P.S., have you noticed that each piece of music I've included since Puzzle 8 is related to a clue? This puzzle's song is related to 14-Across.



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