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011: Themed Puzzle 6, 2020 Mini Holiday Special

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Word Count: 30, Mean Word Length: 4.47

It's the most wonderful time of the year, or at least that's what the carols tell us. At the time of writing this intro *waves from last Tuesday*, there isn't any snow on the ground here in the Twin Cities. Everything is brown, cold, and rather dismal. To cheer up this rather gloomy time, I present the Trash Panda Puzzles 2020 Mini Holiday Special!

Edit from Wednesday Night: Hey Jac, gee thanks. We went from no snow to a blizzard in a 36 hour time span. Next time there isn't any snow, don't say anything.

A fair warning, these clues are meant to be a bit more silly than usual, as I wanted every single one to be holiday themed (hence why I'm still calling this a themed puzzle). This crossword is not meant to be taken that seriously nor should its clues.

Title Words: 3D, 4D

Seed Words: 3D, 4D

Music Word: 11A, 12A

P.S, the song below really kicks in at 0:57.

Happy Holidays!


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