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012: Teeny Tuesday 6

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Word Count: 30, Mean Word Length: 4.60

Happy Tuesday! For those who celebrated the Holidays last week, I hope you had an enjoyable time. I spent the two weeks leading up to Christmas in isolation, so I could spend the day with my mother. She made me an amazing gift, a temperature blanket for my first year living in my house, of course being 2020, (Here's the color guide). The blanket will be finished hopefully in a week or two, since there's still a wee bit of the year remaining.

Okay, okay, enough about Christmas, you're probably here for the crossword puzzle after all. Like all my Teeny Tuesday puzzles, it's another themeless. I enjoy having those two sets of 9s running down each side of the grid. It made it a wee bit more difficult to fill, but I got it to work. The grid does feature a word that likely isn't on most folk's word lists. (Gee golly, it's like it's related to the song below or something 😜).

Non NYT Word: 14A

Seed Word: 14A

Music Word: 14A

Anyways, I hope you have fun with this puzzle!

Cheers, Jac

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