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014: Teeny Tuesday 7

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Word Count: 21, Mean Word Length: 5.14

It's the first Teeny Tuesday crossword of 2021! Why not kick off this series of puzzles with a nice and chunky stack of 12 letter answers to start the year. This grid's seed word (is that a pun this time?) is 14-Across which comes from my uberly geeky word list.

Is uberly a real word? Well, per Thor in Avengers: Infinity War, all words are made up.

Anywhos, I'm excited to continue the Teeny Tuesday puzzles because in February, I'm one of the 7xwords constructors! Over the course of the year, various awesome people are creating every 7x7 crossword that's possible under the normal rules. Check out the website here!

Non NYT Words: 13A, 14A

Seed Word: 14A

Music Word: 14A

Cheers, Jac

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