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015: Themeless Puzzle 2; Laughs, Cheers, & Celebrations

[ Online | PUZ | PDF | Solution ] Word Count: 72, Mean Word Length: 5.33

What can I say? I've caught the themeless bug! Not only that, but I've caught the word stack bug as well, seen earlier this week with my Teeny Tuesday puzzle. Instead of rambling on about the grid statistics here, I've given them their own section below. Thank you Chris Piuma for the editorial recommendation for 46D!

If you don't know your pop culture, I'm sorry. This puzzle isn't as geeky as last week's 15x15 themeless, but it still has a bit in it. *looks at my grid* Okay, it's still super geeky, but I wanted to embrace my interests more in 2021.

Non NYT Words: 13A, 14A, 24A, 35D, 51A, 62A Non Shortz-Era Words: 1A, 16A, 40D Title Words: 12D, 14D, 50A Music Word: 51A

Cheers, Jac

Thursday Edit: The attempted insurrection at the US Capitol yesterday was deplorable and disgusting. My US Representative is currently writing up new Articles of Impeachment to hopefully put an end to this nightmare of a US President. I hope that I can be a little glimmer of light in this corner of the internet, for I wish to spread joy and cheer, not bigotry and hate. Everyone, please stay healthy and safe. We'll get through this together.

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