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016: Teeny Tuesday 8

13x8 crossword puzzle

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Word Count: 37, Mean Word Length: 4.76

Last week during a Twitch stream with scootsbaboo (go check them out), we got talking about Star Wars and how it should be included more in crossword puzzles. I agree with Scoots and as such, today's Teeny Tuesday seed word is from Star Wars. This is the first of my Teeny Tuesday grids to be generated by a script thanks to Crossworthy. I knew I wanted a weird shape, and that I needed at least one 8-letter word, and after rejecting several options, I found a grid that I liked.

Non NYT Words: 10D, 12A, 20A, 23D, 25A

Non Shortz-Era Word: 6D

Seed Word: 25A

Music Word: 25A



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