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020: Teeny Tuesday 10

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Word Count: 23, Mean Word Length: 4.70

Wow, it's amazing how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday I posted my first puzzle and here we are on my 20th! To be honest, I thought I would burn out on puzzle making fairly quickly, but watching others solve my crosswords (like Chris Piuma and Scootsbaboo) always puts on a smile on my face. I look forward to the vast myriad of crossword puzzles that lie ahead!

The seed entry for this crossword is inspired by Quiara's "Between the Lions" clue in their recent puzzle and my "Zooboomafoo" clue in my puzzle, "Flour Power." Needless to say, late 90's to early 2000s PBS shows are in right now for clues. 😎

Non NYT Words: 4D

Seed Words: 8A, 15A

Music Word: 4D



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