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021: Themed Puzzle 8; Critters About

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Word Count: 76, Mean Word Length: 4.92

It's another themed puzzle! I'm fairly sure I hit a personal record for the number of words in a single crossword that have yet to appear in the New York Times. This feat is mostly due to my continuous effort to heavily expand my personal word list and throwing things into it that interest me or cool/funny words that I find amusing. There's really nothing secretive or renowned about the list, it's just a bunch of random gobbledygook. Yes, gobbledygook is also on the word list.

As usual, expect to see a plethora of pop/geek culture clues and words throughout the puzzle. I'm not holding back from putting fun tidbits throughout the grid.

Non NYT Words: 1A, 11D, 17A, 18D, 25A, 40D, 47A, 49A, 51D

Non Shortz-Era Words: 22D

Music Word: 1A



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