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022: Weekend Bonus 1, Journey Through Space (Themeless)

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Word Count: 63, Mean Word Length: 4.51

What's this, a third puzzle in a single week? Yes, yes it is. Why you may ask? Well, this puzzle doesn't quite fit in Teeny Tuesdays nor in my usual 15x crosswords that I post later in the week. This grid is inspired by the recent Et Tu, Etui crossword that featured two side by side sections. That was my original plan before deciding to mirror a 8x8 puzzle and connect them together.

I have a soft spot for un-square shaped grids so mirroring the 8x8 grid to make this extra wide one was so so so so so SO much fun! I snuck in a few fun words and references as well as *REDACTED*.

Non NYT Words: 5D, 14D, 33A, 51A, 54A

Music Word: 20A



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