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023: Teeny Tuesday 11

Now Playing: The Moon by Jake Kaufman

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Word Count: 33, Mean Word Length: 4.48

Several years ago, the Minnesota Orchestra had a performance of video game music. While they also performed with the Video Game Lives folks a couple of times, this event was created by the Orchestra. One of the pieces I thought I'd never hear performed live was the Moon Theme from "DuckTales." The Minnesota Orchestra gave the piece of music the full luster and pazazz that I've come to expect from the musicians over the years. It was an amazing performance that I wish groups would do more often. I appreciate the Orchestra having a popular music series every year to help bridge the orchestral work and the genres of music currently being listed to by everyday people.

It seems fitting that I reference both "DuckTales" and the Moon in this week's Teeny Tuesday crossword. This isn't my first reference to the show in my puzzles, that happened back in December with my crossword, "Sole Searching." If you haven't had a chance to check out the rebooted "DuckTales," I highly recommend it.

Non NYT Words: 10A, 26A

Seed Words: 3D, 23A

Music Words: 8A, 23A



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