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026: Themeless Puzzle 5, Communication is Key

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Word Count: 72, Mean Word Length: 5.19

Happy chilly Thursday! Here in Minnesota, we are going into our second weekend of bitterly cold weather with our air temp possibly dropping down to -20F and the wind chill a whole lot worse. To counteract my dwelling on the weather, I've been experimenting with chili recipes. I think I finally have the heat level I'm looking for, but I haven't quite nailed the flavor combination yet. Okay, enough rambling, onto the crossword puzzle.

As you can tell with the title, this is another themeless puzzle. I've been trying to develop some new themes, but nothing has quite clicked the way I like. As such, I get to have more creativity with these crosswords and put in some super fun and silly words. The clue/word combination of 3D is one of my favorite that I've made to date. In total, there are 23 words in this crossword that have appears 10 times or less in the New York Times.

Non NYT Words: 9D, 21A, 24A, 37A, 40D

Non Shortz-Era Words: 1D, 36D, 50A

Seed Word: 21A

Title Words: 2D, 3D

Music Word: 2D



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Crosswords by Jason "Jac" Crabtree