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028: Themeless Puzzle 6

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Word Count: 72, Mean Word Length: 5.19

Another week and another 15x themeless puzzle! I mentioned recently how sometimes the grid filling is a breeze and then I spend all my time on cluing instead. This is one of those crosswords where the filling was a struggle, but once I had my words, I had clue ideas popping out of my head like a movie theater popcorn machine out of control. For anyone who looks up my reference in 46-Across, I'm... sorry? (No, I'm not 😜) Yes, I have played the said video game completely through. (It's been a long pandemic, okay?!?)

I love watching people solve my crosswords, so if you're planning on streaming it, please feel free to poke me on Twitter, @TrashPandaPuz, if I'm not already in your regular streams like Scootsbaboo and MegaphonicFM.

Non NYT Words: 24A, 31D, 36D

Non Shortz-Era Words: 40D

Seed Words: 24A, 44D

Music Word: 14D



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