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029: Teeny Tuesday 14

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Word Count: 31, Mean Word Length: 4.77

It's weird to think that February is almost over. The snow is starting to melt, birds are beginning to chirp, and the daylight keeps stretching longer and longer. Before we know it, it'll be summer once again!

In this week's Teeny Tuesday crossword, we have a 10x9 grid featuring a plethora of 4-letter words along with a handful of goodies. In my test solving, (thanks Paul!), my original clue for 6-Down was considered too difficult. I rewrote the clue, and my friend Paul agrees that it works better than my first draft. For those curious about crossword statistics, I have a new metric below called "Previously Used Words." It's my personal goal to limit the number of words in new crosswords that I've used already in grids posted on Trash Panda Puzzles. As such, I'll mention which across or down is a repeat if one shows up. For example, of the 31 words in today's grid, I've only used one of the words in a previous puzzle.

Non NYT Words: 9D, 22A

Seed Word: 15A

Music Word: 21D

Previously Used Words: 27A



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Crosswords by Jason "Jac" Crabtree