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030: Themeless Puzzle 7

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Word Count: 70

Mean Word Length: 5.37

Happy Thurs... Friday! That's right, I'm bumping back my 15x crosswords by a day. Why? It's to better space out my puzzles throughout the week. Between the Teeny Tuesday and 15x crosswords, there was only a one day gap, and then a four day gap until the next Teeny Tuesday. I also get more time to review my 15x puzzles before they go live. Hopefully this little change in the schedule works out well. Speaking of schedules, my entry for the 7xwords project will be coming up this Sunday, February 28th! I'll put out a blurb here on Trash Panda Puzzles this weekend about the grid.

For today's crossword, it features the lowest 15x word count that I've published so far here on Trash Panda Puzzles. After some news on Monday, I wanted to include it in my puzzle so I rebuilt the NW corner over the last three days, with 1A now being an additional seed word in the grid. I usually have my crosswords filled 5-7 days ahead of being published, just in case something like this happens where I want to quickly add in a new word.

Non NYT Words: 1A, 14A, 27D, 39A, 42A

Non Shortz-Era Words: 9D, 32A, 42D

Seed Words: 1A, 42A

Music Word: 1A

Previously Used Words: 6D, 26D, 31D, 36D, 47D, 51D



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