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033: Themed Puzzle 9; Nine Keys

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Word Count: 76

Mean Word Length: 4.87

What's this? A themed puzzle? Indeed it is fine reader. I took a look through my notes and saw that it has been 12 crosswords since I last put together a theme. I figured now would be a good time to take a brief break from my themeless grids. I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to Jake Eakle for helping not only test solve this puzzle, but helping improve the clues for 4D, 17A, 35A, and 64D as well. Jake also helped make my theme more concise than my original draft. This puzzle is in my opinion, significantly better off thanks to their help.

Being a themed puzzle, I had to reuse more words that I usually like doing. Thankfully, none of the reused words are more than four letters long. I also took a look at my previous crosswords and made sure that all the words had new clues to them. What's also surprising about this puzzle is that every word has been used at least once in the New York Times. No "debut" words from me today, I guess. At least I have two words that haven't been used during Shortz's tenute at the Times.

Non Shortz-Era Words: 33A, 45A

Music Word: 35A

Previously Used Words: 1A, 29D, 36D, 37A, 56D, 58D, 60D, 61D, 62A



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