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034: Teeny Tuesday 16

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Word Count: 33

Mean Word Length: 4.48

When the lockdown began a year ago this week for me, I didn't realize at the time that I would be running a crossword blog, let alone have a renewed interest in the puzzles. Leading up to the lockdown, I was putting in 70+ hour weeks knowing that I was racing against the inevitable countdown when COVID-19 would become rampant in my state of Minnesota.

Now present day, my work weeks are shorter, life is quieter, and I have a great deal of more time on my hands. I picked up crosswords in 2020, and now I've picked up bird watching in 2021. I bought a suction cup bird feeder for my bay window and it's hilarious watching my cat Milo pounce at the birds perched on the feeder, but he hits the glass instead.

Enough rambling, onto the puzzle. This week's Teeny Tuesday is a 9x10 which features only two words that haven't shown up in the NY Times. One of those words is not only a seed word, but it's the music word as well. It should be a fairly straightforward grid, I didn't clue anything too weird.

Non NYT Words: 3D, 5D

Seed Words: 3D, 5D

Music Word: 5D

Previously Used Words: 7D, 20A, 27A



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