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036: Teeny Tuesday 17

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Word Count: 20

Mean Word Length: 4.80

If you played last week's Teeny Tuesday, this week's puzzle seed word is from the same source of inspiration! Once again just like last week, the seed word is something that has not appeared in the New York Times yet.

Watching Adam Nicolle and Brooke Husic's recent stream, I took several pointers about how to brainstorm and construct clues for my words. This is the first crossword to use my new workflow, so I would love feedback about the clues. If you're curious about some of my alternate clues, click here for a look at 11A and 14A.

Non NYT Word: 11A

Seed Word: 11A

Music Word: 12D

Reused 4+ Letter Words: None (Woot woot!)



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