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038: Teeny Tuesday 18

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Word Count: 26

Mean Word Length: 5.23

Happy Tuesday, it's National 3-D Day! What does that have to with the crossword? Well not much other than that there's a 3-Down in the grid. I don't even have 3 Ds in this puzzle. This week's Teeny Tuesday has a fun little piece of trivia that came to my attention last week. Lastly, there's not one, but two Pokemon that made it into this grid. I always have the list of Pokemon active when I'm filling a grid, but it's a pleasant surprise each time when one is recommended to be used.

Non NYT Words: 6D, 8D

Non Shortz-Era Words: 8A

Seed Word: 8A

Music Word: 17A

Reused 4+ Letter Word: 4D



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