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042: Themeless Puzzle 11

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Word Count: 72

Mean Word Length: 5.25

There's something fun about putting current events into a crossword. Sure, the puzzle is going to age significantly faster, but for those who solve the grid right away, it'll be a treat to see more relevant topics. I typically have my crosswords done several days before I publish them, so I sometimes have to do a wee bit of guessing when I clue an ongoing event. Thankfully, I have the correct tense in the clue over at 63-Across.

Non NYT Words: 9D, 16A, 63A

Non Shortz-Era Words: 4D, 14A, 58A, 60A

Seed Words: 14A, 63A

Music Word: 40A

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 5A, 10D



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Crosswords by Jason "Jac" Crabtree