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045: Signs of the Times - Teeny Tuesday 21

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Word Count: 34

Mean Word Length: 4.76

Happy Tuesday! There is a TON of music I could use to accompany today's crossword, but those songs would spoil the answers in the grid, so you get a lovely orchestral cover of Stardew Valley's soundtrack once again! (I changed the clue slightly for 27D to better fit the music.) The seed words for this puzzle happens to be one of my latest obsessions. Please don't ask me how many hours I've poured into related YouTube videos, because I have lost track.

After being told by someone that they love to see mini themes in generally themeless crosswords, I decided to start including them. You'll spot the theme fairly quickly as this puzzle contains three linked clues. I had 11A and 23A already planned as a mini theme, but 8D snuck in there as well during my filling process.

Non NYT Word: 11A

Seed Words: 11A, 23A

Music Word: 27D

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 9A, 24D, 25D, 29A



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