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052: State of the World - Teeny Tuesday 24

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Word Count: 34

Mean Word Length: 4.59

Happy first Tuesday of May! My two favorite months of the year are the bookends of summer, May and September for I love having warm days and cool nights. Usually starting in the end of May (weather dependent), I'll start visiting my local farmers market to pick up fresh produce. There's a whole slew of recipes I don't bother cooking except for during the growing season since it just doesn't taste the same getting the ingredients from the grocery store.

Enough rambling, onto the crossword! This week's Teeny Tuesday is a 10x10 grid with diagonal symmetry. The seed word was brought to my attention recently, and despite hearing of the word years ago, it's not something I active remember. So, hopefully you'll find this puzzle fun.

Non NYT Words: 4D, 14A, 21A

Seed Word: 14A

Music Inspiration Word: 2D

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 1A, 6D, 9D, 13A, 18A, 21D

Unique Words to Date: 2,328

If you solve, stream, like, love, or find a typo in my crossword, please feel free to let me know!



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