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060: Stadium Sights - Teeny Tuesday

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Word Count: 36

Mean Word Length: 5.00

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all doing well and that it's been a great week so far. This week's Teeny Tuesday is an 11x10 grid which I made while I was hungry. You'll see where in the crossword food related words/clues appear. I'm not sorry if this puzzle makes you hungry as well while you solve it.

Title Words: 10D, 24A, 26D

Seed Words: 12A, 25A

Music Inspiration Word: 1D

Non NYT Word: 29A

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 9D, 13D, 14A

Unique Words to Date: 2,667

If you enjoy, solve, stream, or find a typo in my crossword, please feel free to let me know!



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