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063: Nth Degree (Themeless)

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Word Count: 72

Mean Word Length: 5.19

If you've been following along here on Trash Panda Puzzles this last week, you know that it's been blistery hot here where I live an that I was up to shenanigans over the weekend. Despite the weather, I went shopping at a massive slew of garage sales! In the course of half a day, I managed to stop at 26 of them. For just under $50, I bought: 10 hand-crafted catnip-filled toy cubes, a Monopoly game set, a new polo shirt, several bundles of yarn for my mother, a massive painting of wolves in a winter landscape, a coffee mug bust of Geordi La Forge, an 8-piece Japanese ceramic dining set, a heavy duty fishing pole, and small random trinkets. I'd like to think I did rather well on my own, but I was able to haggle several items down in price since most people didn't want to keep selling stuff in the extreme heat.

With this week's 15x grid, it's another themeless! You could say that I've learned my garage sale tricks thanks to 20-Across. (See, I can tie my ramblings to the crossword. 😜) There are people who say that if one to two black squares can be placed into a grid and split the puzzle, it's a poor grid. Well dear solver, I disagree if you can't tell by the crossword below. I think having a middle section more or less by itself is like having a crossword inside another crossword. Crossword-ception! Anyways, super special shout out to Norah who helped not only test solve this puzzle, but provided the clue for 50-Across as well. Her feedback on the crossword is invaluable and has helped bring this puzzle up several notches. Norah is off the hook though as I rebuilt the E and SE sections after she test solved the crossword.

Title Words: 1A, 1D

Seed Word: 53A

Guest Clue: 50A (Norah Sharpe)

Music Inspiration Word: 44A

Non NYT Words: 5D, 23A, 44A, 53A

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 8D, 10A, 25D, 34D, 42A, 48D, 52A, 54D, 60A, 64A

Unique Words to Date: 2,804

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