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071: Seeking Strikes (Themeless)

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Word Count: 70

Mean Word Length: 5.51

Cue the trumpets! After five Teeny Tuesdays in a row, it’s the grand return of a 15x crossword! That’s right, life is finally starting to settle back down after what feels like an eternity of chaos. While I still haven’t found the time to tune into Twitch to watch all the fabulous crossword solvers, I finally had a combination of inspiration, motivation, and time to make this new puzzle. I hope that getting the rust out of my cluing skills these last few weeks was good enough, since there’s 70 words for you to solve.

In-between making crosswords and other shenanigans, I have recently started ramping up my fall production of canning. To kick things off, I have in the last week made pickled jalapenos, rhubarb and cranberry jam, and a Chipotle Cilantro Barbecue sauce that uses the jam. As the weather starts to cool, I’ll be focusing more on autumn-esque foods such as apples, peppers, squashes, and maybe some pumpkin pie filling. Don’t be surprised if my adventures to the farmers market inspire some seed words in future crosswords.

Title Inspiration: 1A, 20A

Music Inspiration: 36A

Seed Word: 36A

Non-NYT Words: 9D, 49D, 61A

Non-Shortz-Era Word: 30D

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 13D, 31D, 44A, 48D, 54D

Unique Words to Date: 3,081

If you enjoy, solve, stream, or find a typo in my crossword, please oh please let me know!

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