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076: Board Games in Spaaace! - Teeny Tuesday

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Word Count: 36

Mean Word Length: 4.56

Happy Tuesday! Since I last posted a crossword puzzle, I've been on one whopper of a cooking spree. On Friday, my mother and I made chutney, and pickle relish. Then over the rest of the weekend, I made pepperoni pizza with an almond flour, Yucatan marinated chicken with roasted garlic potatoes, Ma Ho (also spelled Ma Hor), and chicken noodle soup. Between all these recipes, I used up six heads of garlic. Needless to say, my house smells AMAZING.

This week’s Teeny Tuesday crossword is a wee bit smaller than the last few with a 10x10 grid. My seed word at 17-Down is also one of the highest scored words on my personal word list. I’ve been trying to fit the word into a grid for quite a while now. Since my word list continues to expand as I rescore more words and add personal interest things, I’m adding a new stat below called Personal Word List. These are words that I have personally scored higher than 50, so I can spot them while filling the grid. Hopefully by providing these statistics, you as the solver can get a better insight into the vast eclectic realm that is my thoughts.

Title Inspiration: 5D, 18A, 28D, 29A, 31A

Music Inspiration: 6A

Seed Word: 17D

Personal Word List/Score: 1D, 5D, 8D, 9A, 15D, 17D, 21A

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 6D, 15D, 16D, 18A

Unique Words to Date: 3,271 (+25)

Non-NYT Words: 9A, 15D, 17D

Non-Shortz-Era Words: 5D, 8D

If you enjoy, solve, stream, or find a typo in my crossword, please oh please let me know!

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