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079: Greek Treats - Teeny Tuesday

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Word Count: 40

Mean Word Length: 5.35

Happy Tuesday! It's amazing to think how vast the span of 10 years can be while at the same time feeling like it was just yesterday. In today’s Teeny Tuesday crossword, I make a reference to the Elder Scrolls. The fifth main game in the series, Skyrim, released a decade ago. Here I am today once again picking up the game and playing out several fantasies: travelling with friends, having disposable income, being recognized for my deeds, and… well let’s be honest, fighting dragons.

Despite the game being older than most of my nieces and nephews, it feels like just yesterday I powered it up for the first time. It’s my hope that a decade from now, people look back and remember my little corner of the internet here at Trash Panda Puzzles with the same fondness that I have for Skyrim.

Title Inspiration: 1D, 11A

Music Inspiration: 19A

Seed Word: 8D

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 9D, 16D, 30D, 37A

Unique Words to Date: 3,390 (+36)

Non-NYT Word: 8D

If you enjoy, solve, stream, or find a typo in my crossword, please oh please let me know!

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