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081: Time's Blade - Teeny Tuesday

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Word Count: 40

Mean Word Length: 5.30

Happy Tuesday! Guess what, it’s here!!! Just a few hours ago, a big cold front swept through Minnesota and our temperatures are beginning to plummet. With the Autumn Equinox tomorrow, I think we’re finally heading into my favorite time of the year. Over these next few weeks, there’ll still be plenty of warm days, but there’s a crispness on the wind that's refreshing. It’s fascinating to me how the seasons affect the cooking that I do. Last week, I baked this delicious lasagna. Normally during the peak of summer, I try to avoid heating up my house too much with dishes like this and instead focus more on grilling. Now that it’s cooler, I’m putting more baked dishes, chilis, and stews back into the mix.

Okay, enough about me fanboying over autumn and onto the crossword! Today’s Teeny Tuesday is an 11x11 grid with standard symmetry. With my seed word at 27-Across, I’m having some serious cravings for it now so don’t be surprised if I mention/show that I made one sometime soon.

Title Inspiration: 1A, 5A

Music Inspiration: 24A

Seed Word: 27A

Personal Word List/Score: 27A, 31A

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 2D, 10D, 11A, 14D 17A, 19A

Unique Words to Date: 3,484 (+33)

Non-NYT Word: 31A

If you enjoy, solve, stream, or find a typo in my crossword, please oh please let me know!

Don't forget to love each other,


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