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089: Sticky Situation (Themeless)

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Word Count: 70

Mean Word Length: 5.46

It's the weekend! Yesterday, we finally hit freezing for the first time this season at my house. Due to an unseasonably warm October, it hasn’t felt like autumn yet, but the cool and crisp air that’s here now is quite refreshing. Before I know it, I’ll be buried once again in snow.

As you can see below, I have a single question survey! We’re rapidly approaching two anniversaries here on Trash Panda Puzzles. One of them is the first-year anniversary of this crossword blog and the other is the 100th puzzle. Which anniversary should I make a super awesome and special crossword for, or should I do two special crosswords? Please vote below and happy solving!

Title Inspiration: 7D, 35A, 50A, 51D, 53D

Music Inspiration: 48D

Seed Word: 25D

Personal Word List/Score: 9D, 25D, 27A

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 1A, 2D, 4D, 5A, 13D, 14A, 16A, 29A, 37A, 47D, 52D, 53D, 56A

Unique Words to Date: 3,849 (+50)

Non-NYT Words: 25D, 26D, 46A, 55A

Non-Shortz-Era Word: 22A

If you enjoy, solve, stream (I give bits), or find a typo in my crossword, please oh please let me know!

Don't forget to love each other,


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