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095: Twisted Part - Teeny Tuesday

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Word Count: 35

Mean Word Length: 5.26

Happy Tuesday! I find it amazing that it's already the last Tuesday of November and that 2022 is quickly approaching. To think, it was almost a year ago today that I had only published my 4th crossword and now I’m here 91 of them later. As we’re approaching the 100th puzzle, I’ve finished the preliminary fill of the grid and I’ve started to make revisions. I can’t wait for all of you to play it.

Today’s crossword is a bit lopsided at 12x9 with standard symmetry. I have a couple of word play clues in there, but hopefully it won’t slow folks down too much.

Title Inspiration: 1D, 30A

Music Inspiration: 10A

Seed Word: 14A

Personal Word List/Score: 14A, 15D, 23D, 24A

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 1D, 2D, 8D, 10A, 17A, 18A, 27A

Unique Words to Date: 4,058 (+24)

Non-NYT Words: 14A, 23D, 24A

Non-Shortz-Era Word: 15D

If you enjoy, solve, stream (I give bits), or find a typo in my crossword, please let me know!

Don't forget to love each other,


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