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116: Three Course French Meal (Themeless)

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Word Count: 70

Mean Word Length: 5.60

Happy Friday here at Trash Panda Puzzles! As I mentioned earlier this week in my Teeny Tuesday, I’m still in awe of how much faster it is to create crossword grids with my new computer. To get all the eight and nine letter words to cross each other the way I did would’ve taken hours upon hours of computing power. This has led me to be more creative in my puzzles as well as have time to experiment a bit more.

Speaking of the crossword, today’s is a 15x15 grid with diagonal symmetry. My primary word list and I had a disagreement regarding 1-Down. It’s scored 30 on the primary list which hurt my inner geek. After that shocking discovery, I swiftly scored it much much much much much much much much higher on my personal list. (There’s also a word in the grid I have scored lower after finishing the fill, but I’m not saying which one.) I’m once again starting to run towards the end of my personal word list, so I need to start thinking of how to expand it again. That task however is future Jac’s problem, not mine.

Music Inspiration: 1D

Personal Word List/Score: 1D, 3D, 10A, 17A, 24A, 32D, 33D, 35D

Reused 4+ Letter Words: 5D, 12D, 14D, 23A, 41A, 42A, 46A, 47A, 49D, 50D, 57A

Unique Words to Date: 4,763 (+53)

Non-NYT Words: 1A, 1D, 3D, 10A, 17A, 24A, 28A, 32D, 33D, 50A

Non-Shortz-Era Words: 34D, 54A

If you enjoy, solve, stream (I give bits), or find a typo in my crossword, please let me know!

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