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117: Tierney & Truffles - Teeny Tuesday

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Word Count: 20

Mean Word Length: 5.30

It’s Teeny Tuesday time! Welcome back to Trash Panda Puzzles. This last weekend here in the upper Midwest was one of the most beautiful weekends of the summer. Finally, after what feels like an endless stretch of nonstop heat and humidity, we got a break with a lovely northwestern(ish) breeze. I spent as much time as I could outside… which is evident by my sunburned reverse-raccoon face. The outline of my sunglasses is currently quite visible on my face. Nonetheless, I don’t regret for one minute getting the fresh air, I only regret forgetting my hat at home.

Today’s crossword is an 8x8 grid with diagonal symmetry. Despite being quite small, it took me several attempts at filling the grid before I had a result I was happy with cluing. I’ve been on a diagonal kick lately as this is the second grid in a row to feature that symmetry style.

Title Inspiration: 1D, 8D

Music Inspiration: 7D

Seed Word: 3D

Reused 4+ Letter Word: 10A

Unique Words to Date: 4,781 (+18)

If you enjoy, solve, stream (I give bits), or find a typo in my crossword, please let me know!

Don't forget to love each other,


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